First Steps


First steps with your Mikme

Learn about the basic features and get Mikme started. 


1 - Charge your Mikme first 


We're going to get Mikme ready to perform. Use the included USB to charge via your computer or a wall outlet.

Let Mikme charge for a couple of hours. While charging the Power LED will flash orange. Once Mikme is fully charged the Power LED light turns off.



2 – Get ready to capture creativity

Let’s take a look at some important buttons, nooks and crannies we’ll need, such as:


Once you're familiar with all buttons, it looks like Mikme is ready to take center stage.

To power up Mikme, just hold down the power button – once it lights up, we’re ready to rock.

To turn off Mikme, just hold down the power button for 5 seconds.


3 – Link Mikme with your iOS device

  • The Mikme Microphone works only with the unreleased Mikme iOS Beta App.

You can apply to get access to the beta version of the Mikme iOS App here: 

The released Mikme App in the Apple App Store is currently not working with the Mikme Microphone. It's an old version which only works with the internal iOS microphone.

  • The Mikme Android App is not available yet.
    We are working hard to release it as soon as possible (Beginning 2017).

Learn how to link your Mikme Microphone wirelessly with your iOS device.
Works only with the Mikme iOS Beta App.

It's time to start capturing your masterpiece.

Happy Creating!