Say Hello to Mikme

The world’s first Wireless Microphone & Audio Recorder. Record studio-quality sound at the touch of a button.

Get them all. With one Mikme.

Excellent recordings everywhere. 

1 button for instant recordings. Stored on a 16GB memory. A large studio microphone capsule for superior sound.

No extra cables & receivers.

Audio received wirelessly via Mikme App. Safe & sound transmission through own patented Bluetooth protocol. 

Fast sharing, no post production.

Sync of iPhone video and Mikme audio via Mikme App. For outstanding content easily created, edited & published.

Hear the Difference. 

We do not compromise on audio quality. Never. Listen for yourself. Put on your best headphones for maximum quality.

Studio-Quality Sound Wherever You Go 

1" gold-plated condenser capsule

phantom-powered (48V) capsule supported by a built-in spider suspension (blocks handling noise)

24 Bit / up to 96 kHz ADC

State-of-the-art Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) delivers studio-grade audio

16 GB memory

Built-in audio recorder stores up to 360 hours of audio – Works standalone (Mikme App optional)

Rechargeable battery

920 mAh battery charged via Micro-USB port for up to 3.5 hours of continuous recording

Wireless connection to iOS devices

Secure Audio Transmission via patented Quality of Service Bluetooth Protocol to Mikme iOS App

One color for each function

Start & stop recording. Set gain. Transfer files. Wireless connection. Play back last track.

3/8 inch & 1/4 inch thread 

Put it on a table, a DSRL tripod, mic stands, handle grips and selfie sticks.