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Our Mission






Our Mission






We are Mikme.
Passionate. Simple. Creative.

We are passionate about giving creatives of all levels total freedom for their ideas by designing beautiful, simple to use and high-quality tools that capture creativity on the go. 

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The Team





The Team






Mikme is designed and engineered by a passionate team of musicians, designers and engineers in Austria, Germany, Serbia, USA and the Netherlands. Our team consists of highly professional and passionate people.


We have built successful, world-class audio products such as studio microphones and headphones, wireless microphones and Bluetooth speakers for companies such as AKG, JBL, Samsung, Audi and others.


15 years

On average, the team has 15 years of experience designing, engineering and marketing audio products. In sum, the team holds 80+ patents and has won 40+ design awards.

15 people

It has taken 15+ people working on the Mikme project to make it come true. Our main focus is delivering tools that make artists and creatives lives more productive  and fun.



Meet the team

Philipp Sonnleitner - CEO and founder - MIKME

Philipp Sonnleitner
CEO and founder

A musician and creative, Phillipp worked at AKG Acoustics for 8 years. As product manager he has led several product development teams building microphones, wireless systems and software solutions in the professional and consumer audio business.

Phillipp also makes his own music, which is a mix of funk, electro and jazz.

His passion is playing piano and other instruments with keys.

Philipp at soundcloud
Philipp at linkedin


Thomas Wachauer
COO & Co-Founder

Thomas has 20+ years experience in strategic management, finance and investor relations. 

He served as a member of the board at Wachauer Technology + Design AG and was founder of Alternative Technik Team GmbH (ATT).

He likes to snowboard and to play tennis. 

Thomas at Linkedin




Marc Planeck
Head of Development

Marc worked for 12 years at AKG as a software engineer as well as 4 years at software development agencies in the fields of firmware, app and web development.

He loves playing his guitar and loves Punk music!

alex pohl - creative director - MIKME

Mario Siokola
Head of Products

Mario worked for 10 years at AKG Acoustics and 9 years at Siemens as a product manager.

He loves to travel around the world and listen to his massive iTunes music collection.

Alex Pohl
Lead design

Alex has 10+ years experience in digital UIX and brand design. He’s worked for Audi, BMW, Samsung, JBL and AKG. In addition to working with great companies, he’s won multiple design awards in the past few years, including iF and Red Dot.

Punk head and bearded.

Alex is a passionate bass player.

Alex at linkedin

Manuel Gattinger - Designer MIKME

Manuel Gattinger
Industrial design

Manuel has 10+ years experience in industrial design. During this time, he’s worked for Nokia, Samsung, JBL, Harman Kardon and AKG.

Between 2013and 2014, he’s racked up 40+ design awards (Red Dot, CES Innovation Awards, iF and more).

Loves to travel.

Lives in Munich.

His heart is still living in Salzburg.

Manuel at linkedin

Josef Scheider - Mechanical construction - MIKME

Josef Scheider
Mechnical Construction

Joseph has 30+ years experience in mechanical construction of audio products, and is the former lead of mechanical construction at AKG.

Josef at linkedin

Thomas Mauerhofer - musician - MIKME

Thomas Mauerhofer
Musician, audio engineer

Thomas is a professional musician who’s helping test and review each step from the perspective of a musician.

He's also the guitar player of Marina & The Kats who are featured in our Kickstarter Video. Get the title song 'Hypnotize Me' at iTunes


Reinhard Vock - operations - MIKME

Reinhard Vock

Reinhard has 15+ years of experience in project management, with four years as a project manager at AKG.

Loves and owns dozens of old radios from the 20s and 30s.

Makes delicious sweets.


Stefan Kienberger

Stefan has 10+ years experience in communications, strategic planning, financing and networking.

He’s also organized music events and art exhibitions for more than 20 years.

He knows how to party.

Kat Earnshaw

Kat has 10+ years experience as a creative art director and designer. Past clients include Google, AKG, JBL and Mark Levinson.

She’s also dedicated her time to working on a handful of advocacy initiatives for the greater good.

Kat loves to travel, play piano and photography.


Victor Bergen Henegouwen - App development - MIKME

Victor Bergen Henegouwen
App development

Victor is the CEO of  elephant candy, our app development partner from Amsterdam.

He likes horseback riding and bull fighting.

Niels Boggards - App developer - MIKME

Niels Bogaards
App developer

Niels has 15+ years experience in software/app development. He’s a DSP wizard at elephant candy, our app development partner from Amsterdam.

Loves music fom 1974.


Toine Heuvelmans
App developer

Toine has 10+ years experience in software/web/app development at at elephant candy, our development partner from Amsterdam.

He’s a passionate photographer. He also enjoys Playing piano and loves brewing beer.

Nikola Nenadic - Embedded lead - MIKME

Nikola Nenadic
Embedded lead

Nikola has 10+ years experience designing electronics and embedded software. He’s the CTO of our design house partner embedded++ from Belgrade.

Nikola at linkedin

Vukašin Ristić 
Software Architect

Vukašin has 10+ years experience in embedded software design. He’s an embedded Software Architect from our design house partner embedded++ from Belgrade.

Stefan Trailovic
Embedded software development

Stefan has 5+ years experience in embedded software development. He’s a firmware engineer from our design house partner embedded++ from Belgrade.



Goran Ferenc
Electronics development

Goran has 5+ years experience in electronics design and development. He’s a hardware engineer from our design house partner embedded++ from Belgrade.

He plays guitar and has created his own laser harp.

Check out this YouTube video with Goran playing his handmade laser harp.


Lazar Berbakov
Embedded software developer

Lazar has 10+ years experience in software development of algorithms and networks. He’s a software engineer from our design house partner embedded++ from Belgrade.

He likes to hike and take photographs.

Amateur radio operator.

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Kreen and Fair






Kreen and Fair






Kreen and Fair.

We take environmental responsibility serious — it's part of the entire design, engineering and manufacturing process of Mikme. The Mikme Microphone is designed to use clean and safe materials. It’s also easily repairable, so there’s never a need to send Mikme to a landfill.

Mikme is made in Germany with highest attention paid to the manufacturing process. We also ensure that Mikme is manufactured under fair working conditions.