Why do I need a microphone for my smartphone?

Let’s say you want to create a stunning video. The camera, you‘ve already got in your pocket. What’s missing is great audio. Cause you want sound that captures your audience’s attention. Learn how Mikme and your iPhone work together. 

The secret of high-quality mobile content

Nowadays, we constantly create and publish recordings or videos right away from our smartphones. Cause we want to share our story in the moment it happens. The remarkably video quality of modern smartphones has helped a lot to do so. Still, the audio quality of mobile videos is mostly poor. Why is that? 

Because when we tell a story we want to picture the whole scene. We want to show the nice view on the top of a mountain and hear a musician playing guitar. We want to hear the interesting conversation in a café and show what happens around. 

That means, we need different perspectives of the camera and the microphone and thus, simply separate them: The camera takes the view at distance, while the microphone is close to the audio source. Like this we get detailed sound and voices and see the the whole location at once. 

And here is where Mikme comes into play.  

Combining Image & Sound easily

Mikme solves this problem of separated video and audio. Just open the Mikme App, connect to the Mikme Microphone wirelessly via Bluetooth, place the mic next to the person you want to record and hit "record" on your phone. 

While the Mikme Microphone catches the sound in studio-quality and sends the recordings automatically to your iPhone, the Mikme Recording App will automatically synchronize the audio with the video in realtime. 

Now start editing your story, adjust volume or add effects. Once you're ready, share or save your new masterpiece. It is as simple as that. 

Benefit from flexibilty

Instead of a complicated or clunky setup, all you need is the Mikme Microphone and your iPhone to create and record songs, interviews and videos with unmatched sound. As it works completely wireless connected to your phone but also completely standalone without an application, it is up to you how to use Mikme to fit your recording setting perfectly. 

So make your next content piece stand out and start creating something unique.