A field recorder?

Picking the right gear is tricky. The options are broad. Here is why the Mikme Microphone, a one-touch wireless recording microphone & audio recorder, works fantastic as field recorder.

A hard pick. 

Field recording opens a door to a world of sounds as vast as the human ear perceives. No matter if you’re an independent filmmaker, sound designer, musician, researcher or just interested in that sort of craft, you will find yourself deciding on the right tools to capture your selected sounds. You can start from kits that range from no more than a $200 recorder and your iPhone, up to a whole set of microphones and multi-track recorders that can get up to $2000 or more.

The Mikme Microphone, a microphone and an audio recorder of studio-quality sound, can fill that gap between expensive field recording gear and smaller, portable, wireless devices. 

Take a listen. Sea lions in San Francisco.

Why Mikme?
A studio-grade microphone & wireless audio recorder. 

Mikme balances an expensive pro-kit and a low-cost version without comprising on quality sound. It was designed for all kinds of creatives, keeping in mind their need to capture superior audio on the go. 

The Mikme Microphone features a phantom-powered 1 inch gold-plated condenser capsule that allows you to capture 24 Bit/94 KHz quality audio. The capsule’s sensitivity allows to catch vast kinds of sounds – from a heartbeat to engine noises or bats. Also, it is a cardioid microphone, which makes it easy to record single-source sounds as well as ambience.

Thanks to the one button approach and the optional wireless connection to the phone, capturing ambient noises on-field comes off uncomplicated. You can start and stop with just a tap on the Mikme itself or from distance within the App. If necessary, the gain can be adjusted on both devices, while or (ideally) before you're field recording.

Take a listen. Random ambient & nature sounds.

The Mikme Microphone for $299 provides a field recorder of high-class sound quality and high portability at the same time. 

What else?

Every field recording track you do is always kept safe as its own file on the 16 GB internal memory. That is enough space for up to 360 hours of recordings.

Its standard 3/8" and ¼" thread makes it attachable to all sorts of microphone stands or flexible tripods. Just perfect for those particular occasions where you really need the microphone to stand still. 

Mikme helps making each of your field recording journey worth it. 

You can record clearest audio at places you've never recorded before, no matter if you're a beginner or expert. 

Want to learn more? 

On our support page you find more information on the right gain setting as well as other topics related to the Mikme Microphone and Mikme App.