Hello, Musicians.

Record with ease.
At the push of one button.

The Mikme Microphone is a portable high-performance microphone & audio recorder that captures your creative moments with a single button. It records studio-grade audio and streams it wirelessly to the Mikme Recording App. 

Mikme is made by musicians for musicians.

. gold-plated

1" gold-plated true condenser capsule and an Analog to Digital conversion of 24 Bit/96 KHz to deliver studio-grade audio.

. 1 button

Recordings are controlled with a single button on the microphone. Start and stop, play back the last track or set the gain.

. 16 GB

Stores up to 360 hours of music on its built-in 16 GB memory. The recorder saves either the raw .WAV or .M4A files.

. wireless

Connects to your iOS devices via own Bluetooth protocol for wireless audio recording, automatic video sync and remote control. 

From 3 to 1.
From $2.000 to $299.
Cut the costs and cords.

The Mikme Microphone is 3 devices rolled into 1:
Standalone audio recorder ($300) + large diaphragm microphone ($1.100) + wireless system ($600). And Mikme requires no cables, it wirelessly connects to the Mikme Recording App on your smartphone. The 48V phantom-powered capsule, the same you find in classic studio microphones, works just with a built-in battery. 

Music recorded with Mikme:

Get the greatest sound.
Wherever you go. 

Mikme is a portable, small and lightweight microphone & recorder. You can easily take it with you and place it wherever you like – without compromising on quality. While the integrated spider suspension reduces handling noises, the true condenser capsule makes sure you get the best sound. In case you need a mic stand or handle grip, there is also a 3/8 inch and a 1/4 inch thread. 

Mikme ($299) vs. AKG C414 XLII ($1.099) and Neumann U87 ($3.600):

Record your next hit song the moment inspiration strikes. In studio-grade quality. Wirelessly. Everywhere.

Shoot a music clip. 
Instantly with our free App.

The Mikme Microphone connects to your iOS devices and wirelessly syncs audio and video. Use the phone’s camera for filming while recording with the microphone at the same time. The tracks are streamed to the Mikme Recording App via Mikme's patented Lost&Found Bluetooth protocol. Once you’re ready, use the built-in mixer, add effects and share your creation on the fly. 

Get a Mikme.
For you and your bandmates. 

The Mikme Microphone is available for $299 from B&H or 299€ from Amazon and Thomann.