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No matter what kind of podcast you’re creating, with Mikme you have a solution that fits all your recording needs and sound sources. The Mikme Microphone is a portable studio-grade microphone and audio recorder that captures your creative moments at the push of a button. Your recordings are all saved on its internal 16GB memory. At the same time the microphone can be used wirelessly with your smartphone and stream the audio easily to your iPhone. Thus, Mikme doesn’t require a special setup or complicated software. Use it standalone as recorder with the DAW of your choice or with just your smartphone. No other equipment is needed.

Podcast Sample by Citizen Reporter:
"The Crossroads of Sound"

"There are only a hand full of places in the world that come close to Essaouira when it comes music and art. For hundreds of years this place has been a crossroads for trade, culture, and a self-expression. In 2018, from traditional music to spontanous improvised sound, that tradition continues.... "

This podcast episode "The Crossroads of Sound: Gnawa Music in Morocco" by Citizen Reporter Mark Fonseca Rendeiro was recorded with a Mikme Microphone in Essaouira, Morroco.

. Conversations

Just 1 Mikme Microphone is needed. Place it in the middle and record one on one interviews or group conversations at ease and in best quality. The true condenser capsule makes it possible.

. Monologues

As combined audio recorder and studio-grade microphone it can be used standalone or wirelessly with a phone. Suitable for different types of content and a broad variety of sound sources.

. Non-Fiction Stories

It is portable, lightweight, fits nearly every pocket. An integrated spider suspension reduces handling noises. Perfect for travel, on the road and documentary podcasts.

. Fiction Stories

The rectangular form factor makes it easy to put wherever needed for an audio play, inside for voice or outside for ambient recordings. If needed camera and microphone stands can be mounted.

Get inside the head of your audience.
With detailed sound.

When you’re doing a podcast you don’t have visual support. The more important it is to deliver an audio quality that helps to connect with your audience and to keep them stay tuned. Cause there is a lot of podcasts out there and a poor audio quality is hard to ignore.

With Mikme you get your own wireless recording studio. It is a cardioid microphone with a 1" gold-plated true condenser capsule for natural and crisp audio recordings. While that combination helps focusing on the audio source, you don’t miss capturing the surrounding sound. Thus, you can tell your story with its original atmosphere and in all its details.

Speech recorded with Mikme:

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Keep your audience engaged and share sneak peeks of your story. The Mikme Microphone connects to your iOS devices and wirelessly streams audio to the Mikme Recording App via a patented Lost&Found Bluetooth protocol. Once you’re ready, use the built-in mixer, add effects and share a chunk of your story on the fly.

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The Mikme Microphone is available for $249 (Silver) and $399 (Gold).